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Hints et al., 2012

Hints, O., Viira, V., Nõlvak, J. 2012. Darriwilian (Middle Ordovician) conodont biostratigraphy in NW Estonia. Estonian Journal of Earth Sciences 61 (4), 210-226. PDF | DOI | DETAILS

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ReferenceHints et al., 2012
AuthorHints, O., Viira, V., Nõlvak, J.
TitleDarriwilian (Middle Ordovician) conodont biostratigraphy in NW Estonia
JournalEstonian Journal of Earth Sciences
Source typearticle in journal

Darriwilian conodonts have been studied in numerous sections of Baltoscandia, but few data are available from the classical outcrop area in northern Estonia. In this paper we report the succession of Darriwilian conodonts and chitinozoans from the bed-by-bed sampled Uuga and Osmussaar cliffs, NW Estonia. Standard Baltoscandian conodont and chitinozoan zones and subzones were identified from the topmost Volkhov to Uhaku regional stages. The global Dapingian–Darriwilian boundary coincides with the Volkhov–Kunda boundary in NW Estonia. The Kunda Stage is represented by its middle or upper part only, and the Aseri Stage is probably missing in both sections studied. The lowermost part of the Lasnamägi Stage with the conodont Yangtzeplacognathus foliaceus is also very condensed. The rest of the Lasnamägi and Uhaku stages, corresponding to the main part of the Pygodus serra conodont Zone, is well represented and can be correlated across Estonia and Sweden. Subtle regional variations in this interval indicate very uniform depositional conditions over wide areas of the Baltoscandian palaeobasin. Our results suggest that the Y. foliaceus Subzone in Estonia needs further assessment. Stratigraphically well-constrained Y. protoramosus appears to be more common than previously thought, and is thus a valuable regional subzonal index. The integrated conodont and chitinozoan scale provides more than 20 biostratigraphically important levels for local and regional correlations, probably approaching temporal resolution in the order of 0.1 Ma for the late Darriwilian.

Sections studied or mentioned

Osmussaare cliff2143Distribution of conodonts and chitinozoans
Uuga Cliff 1, Parki peninsulaDistribution of conodonts in the topmost Volkhov to Uhaku stages