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Kiipli, T. et al., 2010a

Kiipli, T., Kallaste, T., Nestor, V. 2010. Composition and correlation of volcanic ash beds of Silurian age from the eastern Baltic. Geological Magazine 147 (6), 895-909. | DOI | DETAILS

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ReferenceKiipli, T. et al., 2010a
AuthorKiipli, T., Kallaste, T., Nestor, V.
TitleComposition and correlation of volcanic ash beds of Silurian age from the eastern Baltic
JournalGeological Magazine
Source typearticle in journal

Sanidine composition and bulk geochemistry of volcanic ash beds from the East Baltic indicate the subalkaline nature of the volcanism near the margins of the Baltica plate during the Silurian. Several bentonites in the Wenlock include a previously unknown sanidine with 48 to 58 mol % of the Na+Ca component. In contrast to the earlier Telychian volcanism, sodium-rich sanidine occurs in ash beds which originate from relatively moderately evolved dacitic magma. The studied material from two drill cores integrated with previous research enables production of a more complete list of 49 volcanic eruption layers for the lower to middle Wenlock in the East Baltic. This updated list of bentonites characterized by their sanidine compositions forms a good basis for future integrated bio- and chemostratigraphic

Sections studied or mentioned

Ohesaare borehole1
Ruhnu 500 borehole1
Ventspils D-3 borehole1
Vidale 263 borehole1