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Sample No. M-11856

LocalityStaicele 4 borehole
Latitude (dec. deg.)57.833420
Longitude (dec. deg.)24.737060
Depth (m)266.20
Depth, to (m)266.30
StratigraphyJaagarahu Stage
Date (string)1986
CollectorNestor, Viiu
Sampling purposeacid-resistant microfossils
OwnerNestor, Viiu
Owner (institution)Department of Geology, TalTech
Record inserted2012-12-29 20:23:37
Record changed2017-01-06 19:40:30

Species identified

NameCoded occurrenceRemarks
Ancyrochitina sp.1
Ancyrochitina clathrospinosa1
Cingulochitina cingulata1
Conochitina armillata1
Conochitina claviformis1
Conochitina tuba1
Margachitina margaritana1
Plectochitina pachyderma1
Ramochitina martinssoni1
Ramochitina uncinata-1

Specimens from the sample (1)

<i>Cingulochitina cingulata (Eisenack, 1937)</i><br />Staicele 4 borehole, 266.20 m, Jaagarahu Stage