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Nõlvak et al., 1995

Nõlvak, J., Meidla, T., Uutela, A. 1995. Microfossils in the Ordovician erratic boulders from Southwestern Finland. Bulletin of the Geological Society of Finland 67 (2), 3-26. | DOI | DETAILS

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ReferenceNõlvak et al., 1995
AuthorNõlvak, J., Meidla, T., Uutela, A.
TitleMicrofossils in the Ordovician erratic boulders from Southwestern Finland
JournalBulletin of the Geological Society of Finland
Source typearticle in journal

Chitinozoans, ostracods and acritarchs found in four glacially transported limestone boulders from the south-western coast of Finland have been studied in order to test the usefulness of these microfossil groups in age determinations. Also rare specimens of conodonts, inarticulated brachiopods and foraminifers were found. Baltic limestone (or Ostersjo limestone) was the most problematic, because only fossils with calcitic or phosphatic shells are preserved. It is concluded that the boulders identified correlate with the Uhaku and Rakvere stages of the Middle Ordovician.


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<i><i>Belonechitina micracantha</i></i><br />Rihtniemi, Pyhäranta,  m,  ( 307-13) <i><i>Belonechitina micracantha</i></i><br />Rihtniemi, Pyhäranta,  m,  ( 307-13) <i><i>Belonechitina robusta</i></i><br />Pyhämaa, Finland,  m, Rakvere Stage ( 307-4) <i><i>Belonechitina robusta</i></i><br />Pyhämaa, Finland,  m, Rakvere Stage ( 307-4) <i><i>Belonechitina wesenbergensis brevis</i></i><br />Pyhämaa, Finland,  m, Rakvere Stage ( 307-1) <i><i>Conochitina clavaherculi</i></i><br />Rihtniemi, Pyhäranta,  m,  ( 307-14) <i><i>Conochitina primitiva</i></i><br />Rihtniemi, Pyhäranta,  m,  ( 307-15) <i><i>Conochitina primitiva</i></i><br />Rihtniemi, Pyhäranta,  m,  ( 307-16) <i><i>Conochitina primitiva</i></i><br />Rihtniemi, Pyhäranta,  m,  ( 307-16) <i><i>Cyathochitina calix</i></i><br />Rihtniemi, Pyhäranta,  m,  ( 307-9) <i><i>Cyathochitina campanulaeformis</i></i><br />Pyhämaa, Finland,  m, Rakvere Stage ( 307-2) <i><i>Cyathochitina kuckersiana</i></i><br />Rihtniemi, Pyhäranta,  m,  ( 307-17) <i><i>Desmochitina amphorea</i></i><br />Rihtniemi, Pyhäranta,  m,  ( 307-11) <i><i>Calpichitina complanata</i> | Desmochitina complanata Eisenack, 1932</i><br />Rihtniemi, Pyhäranta,  m,  ( 307-12) <i><i>Desmochitina elongata</i></i><br />Rihtniemi, Pyhäranta,  m,  ( 307-7) <i><i>Desmochitina elongata</i></i><br />Rihtniemi, Pyhäranta,  m,  ( 307-6) <i><i>Desmochitina erinacea</i></i><br />Rihtniemi, Pyhäranta,  m,  ( 307-10) <i><i>Desmochitina erinacea</i></i><br />Rihtniemi, Pyhäranta,  m,  ( 307-10) <i><i>Desmochitina minor</i></i><br />Pyhämaa, Finland,  m, Rakvere Stage ( 307-3) <i><i>Desmochitina ovulum</i></i><br />Rihtniemi, Pyhäranta,  m,  ( 307-5) <i><i>Rhabdochitina gracilis</i></i><br />Pyhämaa, Finland,  m,  ( 307-8) <i><i>Rhabdochitina gracilis</i></i><br />Pyhämaa, Finland,  m,  ( 307-8)