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Wrona, 1980

Wrona, R. 1980. Upper Silurian - Lower Devonian Chitinozoa from the subsurface of southeastern Poland. Palaeontologia Polonica 41, 103-165. | DETAILS

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ReferenceWrona, 1980
AuthorWrona, R.
TitleUpper Silurian - Lower Devonian Chitinozoa from the subsurface of southeastern Poland
JournalPalaeontologia Polonica
Source typearticle in journal

This paper is a taxonomic and biostratigraphic study of the Chitinozoa from the Upper Silurian-Lower Devonian deposits (Rhenish magnafacies) found in the boreholes from southeastern Poland. The chitinozoans are referred to 46 species of 12 genera. Nineteen species are described as new: Ancyrochitina aurita, A. bullispiha, A. lemniscata.. Angochitina longispina, Anthochitina radiata, Conochitina invenusta, Desmochitina spongilcricata, Eisenackitina barbatula, E. cepicia, E. crassa, F. cupellata, E. fimbriata, E. lacrimobi/is, E. pi/osa, Gctlandochitinalublinensis, Hoegisphaera velata, Linochitina longiuscula,L.subcylindrica, and Margachitina gratiosa. Their stratigraphic and correlative values are discussed. Chitinozoan frequency and distribution in the sections, as well as associated fossils are considered.

New taxa described

RankTaxon nameBelongs to
SpeciesCalpichitina velata (Wrona, 1980)Calpichitina