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Laufeld, 1974a

Laufeld, S. 1974. Silurian Chitinozoa from Gotland. Fossils and Strata 5, 1-130. | DETAILS

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ReferenceLaufeld, 1974a
AuthorLaufeld, S.
TitleSilurian Chitinozoa from Gotland
JournalFossils and Strata
Source typebook

Silurian chitinozoans from 475 localities in the Late Llandoverian through Ludlovian of Gotland, Sweden, are discussed. Sixty-four species are described. One genus, Gotlandochitina, and thirty-two species are described as new. The micromorphology of the ornamentation, appendices, prosome, operculum, and vesicle wall is discussed. The abundance and diversity of the chitinozoans of Gotland have been calculated and are discussed in connection with a palaeoecologic interpretation. A method for calculating the productivity in oceans of earlier times is briefly sketched. The systematic position of the chitinozoans is discussed, and it is concluded that they were eggs of polychaetes and gastropods. The local range zones of the chitinozoans in the Silurian of Gotland are established, and some consequences in the correlation are indicated. 

New taxa described

RankTaxon nameBelongs to
SpeciesAncyrochitina ansarviensis Laufeld, 1974Ancyrochitina
SpeciesAncyrochitina gutnica Laufeld, 1974Ancyrochitina
SpeciesAncyrochitina pedavis Laufeld, 1974Ancyrochitina
SpeciesBelonechitina granosa (Laufeld, 1974)Belonechitina
SpeciesBelonechitina lauensis (Laufeld, 1974)Belonechitina
SpeciesBelonechitina? gutta (Laufeld, 1974)Belonechitina
SpeciesCalpichitina hemsiensis (Laufeld, 1974)Calpichitina
SpeciesCalpichitina muldiensis (Laufeld, 1974)Calpichitina
SpeciesCalpichitina opaca (Laufeld, 1974)Calpichitina
SpeciesCalpichitina squamosa (Laufeld, 1974)Calpichitina
SpeciesCingulochitina convexa (Laufeld, 1974)Cingulochitina
SpeciesCingulochitina hedei Laufeld, 1974Cingulochitina
SpeciesConochitina argillophila Laufeld, 1974Conochitina
SpeciesConochitina flamma Laufeld, 1974Conochitina
SpeciesConochitina granosa Laufeld, 1974Conochitina
SpeciesConochitina gutta Laufeld, 1974Conochitina
SpeciesConochitina lauensis Laufeld, 1974Belonechitina
SpeciesConochitina leptosoma Laufeld, 1974Conochitina
SpeciesConochitina mamilla Laufeld, 1974Conochitina
SpeciesConochitina visbyensis Laufeld, 1974Conochitina
SpeciesEisenackitina philipi Laufeld, 1974Eisenackitina
GenusGotlandochitina Laufeld, 1974Lagenochitindae
SpeciesLinochitina odiosa Laufeld, 1974Linochitina
SpeciesPlectochitina pachyderma (Laufeld, 1974)Plectochitina
SpeciesRamochitina cornuta (Laufeld, 1974)Ramochitina
SpeciesRamochitina martinssoni (Laufeld, 1974)Ramochitina
SpeciesRamochitina militaris (Laufeld, 1974)Ramochitina
SpeciesRamochitina tabernaculifera (Laufeld, 1974)Ramochitina
SpeciesRamochitina uncinata (Laufeld, 1974)Ramochitina
SpeciesRamochitina valbyttiensis (Laufeld, 1974)Ramochitina
SpeciesRamochitina villosa (Laufeld, 1974)Ramochitina
SpeciesSphaerochitina concava Laufeld, 1974Sphaerochitina
SpeciesSphaerochitina impia Laufeld, 1974Sphaerochitina
SpeciesSphaerochitina lycoperdoides Laufeld, 1974Sphaerochitina