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Paatsalu 527 borehole

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NamePaatsalu 527 borehole
Loc. typeborehole (section)
CountyPärnu County
Latitude (dec. deg.)58.519029
Longitude (dec. deg.)23.697952
Coord. precision1-10 km
Coord. agentHints, Olle
Vertical extent (m)208.50
Stratigraphy topJaagarahu Stage
Stratigraphy basePirgu Stage
Drillcore41 core boxes
RemarksOH: Kasutatud Paatsalu koordinaate. Asukoht vajab täpsustamist EGK arhiivist.
Record changed2019-05-27 10:34:58

References (3)

Hints, O., Killing, M., Männik, P., Nestor, V. 2006. Frequency patterns of chitinozoans, scolecodonts, and conodonts in the upper Llandovery and lower Wenlock of the Paatsalu core, western Estonia. Proceedings of the Estonian Academy of Sciences. Geology 55 (2), 128-155. | DOI | DETAILS

Rubel, M., Hints, O., Männik, P., Meidla, T., Nestor, V., Sarv, L., Sibul, I. 2007. Lower Silurian biostratigraphy of the Viirelaid core, western Estonia. Estonian Journal of Earth Sciences 56 (4), 193-204. | DOI | DETAILS

Männik, P., Põldvere, A., Nestor, V., Kallaste, T., Kiipli, T., Martma, T. 2014. The Llandovery–Wenlock boundary interval in west-central continental Estonia: an example from the Suigu (S-3) core section. Estonian Journal of Earth Sciences 63 (1), 1-17. | DOI | DETAILS

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