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Skytterveien, Asker, Norway

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NameSkytterveien, Asker, Norway
Loc. typeoutcrop
Latitude (dec. deg.)59.819565
Longitude (dec. deg.)10.443107
Location remarksAskeri piirkonnas teeläbilõige. Orienteerivad koordinaadid
Stratigraphy baseSilurian
RemarksSolvik Fm
Record inserted2005-05-06 11:22:38
Record changed2015-11-17 11:44:54

References (1)

Nestor, V. 1999. Distribution of chitinozoans in the Llandovery of the Oslo region. Bollettino della Società Paleontologica Italiana 38 (2-3), 227-238. | DETAILS