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Loc. typeoutcrop
Latitude (dec. deg.)61.128745
Longitude (dec. deg.)15.125128
Coord. methodGoogle Maps / Earth
Coord. agentAaloe, Aasa
Location remarksNatural exposure cut by Fjäckan (Molda) stream near the village of Dalbyn in the Siljan District of the Dalarna Province, Sweden. Ca 1,8 km SW of Ore church
Stratigraphy topUpper Ordovician
Stratigraphy top freeformFjäcka Shale
Stratigraphy baseMiddle Ordovician
Stratigraphy base freeformFurudal Lst
RemarksThe now partly overgrown but still easily accessible section at the mill-race at Fjäcka, which is here referred to as the Fjäcka main section following Jaanusson (1963b), has figured prominently in not only Swedish,but international, biostratigraphy and paleontology.
Record inserted2001-09-10 07:28:03
Record changed2016-01-06 15:39:27

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