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Mullins & Loydell, 2001

Mullins, G. L., Loydell, D. K. 2001. Integrated Silurian Chitinozoan and Graptolite Biostratigraphy of the Banwy River Section, Wales. Palaeontology 44 (4), 731-781. | DOI | DETAILS

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ReferenceMullins & Loydell, 2001
AuthorMullins, G. L., Loydell, D. K.
TitleIntegrated Silurian Chitinozoan and Graptolite Biostratigraphy of the Banwy River Section, Wales
Source typearticle in journal
RemarksBursachitina nestorae sp. nov.

The succession of 38 upper Llandovery–lower Wenlock chitinozoan taxa from graptolitic horizons in the Banwy River section (Powys, Wales) is described. Five new species are named: Bursachitina nestorae, Conochitina leviscapulae, Conochitina mathrafalensis, Belonechitina cavei, Belonechitina meifodensis. A further ten taxa are described under open nomenclature. Seven chitinozoan biozones are recognized in the Banwy River section, three of which (Cingulochitina bouniensis, Conochitina acuminata, Salopochitina bella) are new. The base of each biozone is correlated with the graptolite biostratigraphical scheme as follows: Angochitina longicollis Biozone — upper spiralis Biozone; Conochitina acuminata Biozone — lowermost lapworthi Biozone; Margachitina banwyensis Biozone — upper lapworthi Biozone; Margachitina margaritana Biozone — lowermost insectus Biozone; Cingulochitina bouniensis Biozone — upper murchisoni Biozone; Salopochitina bella Biozone — upper firmus Biozone. The succession of chitinozoan biozones in the Banwy River section is compared with that in other sections which have graptolite biostratigraphical control. This has highlighted the following: (1) the correlation of the base of the dolioliformis Biozone with the graptolite biozonation is imprecise; (2) E. dolioliformis is recorded only from levels after the first A. longicollis in Sweden (although this may reflect previously unrecognized synonymies); (3) the longicollis Biozone may be diachronous, its base correlating with levels low in the Telychian in Sweden, Norway and Estonia and with the upper Telychian spiralis Biozone in Wales and the Prague Basin; (4) data herein and from the Prague Basin indicate that the base of the margaritana Biozone correlates with a level low in the insectus Biozone.

New taxa described

RankTaxon nameBelongs to
SpeciesBelonechitina cavei Mullins et Loydell, 2001Belonechitina
SpeciesBelonechitina meifodensis Mullins et Loydell, 2001Belonechitina
SpeciesBursachitina nestorae Mullins et Loydell, 2001Bursachitina
SpeciesConochitina leviscapulae Mullins et Loydell, 2001Conochitina
SpeciesConochitina mathrafalensis Mullins et Loydell, 2001Conochitina