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Rhabdochitina gracilis Eisenack, 1962

TaxonRhabdochitina gracilis
AuthorEisenack, 1962
Parent taxonRhabdochitina

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<i><i>Rhabdochitina gracilis</i></i><br />Museum of Art excavation section, Kadriorg, 0.30 m, Hunneberg Stage ( 424-77) <i><i>Rhabdochitina gracilis</i></i><br />Kerguta 565 borehole, 174.48 m, Lasnamägi Stage ( 544-19) <i><i>Rhabdochitina gracilis</i></i><br />Pyhämaa, Finland,  m,  ( 307-8) <i><i>Rhabdochitina gracilis</i></i><br />Pyhämaa, Finland,  m,  ( 307-8)