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Sample No. M-5855

LocalityOsmussaar 1
Latitude (dec. deg.)59.303916
Longitude (dec. deg.)23.362547
Depth (m)-3.45
Depth, to (m)-3.52
StratigraphyLasnamägi Stage
Date (string)07/71
Weight (remaining, g)0
rock/sediment typelimestone
Owner (institution)Department of Geology, TalTech
Record changed2017-04-05 10:20:49

Species identified

NameCoded occurrenceRemarks
Conochitina pakriana nom. nud.1
Lagenochitina tumida s.l.1
Rhabdochitina sp. A1
Tanuchitina tallinnensis?1
Belonechitina cactacea1
Belonechitina crinita1
Belonechitina micracantha1
Conochitina minnesotensis-1
Cyathochitina campanulaeformis1
Desmochitina erinacea1
Desmochitina minor | Desmochitina minor s.l.1
Desmochitina piriformis1
Euconochitina primitiva1
Pistillachitina pistillifrons1
Pterochitina retracta1
Rhabdochitina magna1