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Sample No. OM4-40

Additional numberOM04-40
LocalityPaatsalu 527 borehole
Latitude (dec. deg.)58.519029
Longitude (dec. deg.)23.697952
Depth (m)66.25
Depth, to (m)66.38
StratigraphyJaani Stage
LithostratigraphyMustjala Member
CollectorHints, O.
Weight (remaining, g)230
Sampling purposemicrofossils (ar)
Storagek1230 (GIT)
Rock characterisationdolomiitmergel
rock/sediment typedolomitic marl
OwnerHints, O.
Owner (institution)Department of Geology, TalTech
Record inserted2004-05-25 13:26:46
Record changed2017-02-28 08:13:33

Species identified

NameCoded occurrenceRemarks
Ancyrochitina sp.1
Ancyrochitina ansarviensis1
Conochitina proboscifera1
Eisenackitina causiata1
Eisenackitina inanulifera1
Margachitina banwyensis1
Margachitina margaritana1
Plectochitina pachyderma1

Specimens from the sample (2)

<i>Margachitina margaritana (Eisenack, 1937)</i><br />Paatsalu 527 borehole, 66.25 m, Wenlock <i>Conochitina mamilla Laufeld, 1974</i><br />Paatsalu 527 borehole, 66.25 m, Wenlock