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Sample No. M-1828

LocalityRuhnu 500 borehole
Latitude (dec. deg.)57.803170
Longitude (dec. deg.)23.241380
Depth (m)417.50
StratigraphyJaani Stage
CollectorNestor, V.
Weight (remaining, g)0
Owner (institution)Department of Geology, TalTech
Record changed2016-10-28 13:24:16

Species identified

NameCoded occurrenceRemarks
Ancyrochitina sp.1kindlalt väljas
Ancyrochitina paulaspina1
Calpichitina acollaris1
Conochitina armillata-1
Conochitina claviformis1
Conochitina leptosoma1
Conochitina tuba1
Margachitina margaritana1

Specimens from the sample (3)

<i>Calpichitina acollaris (Eisenack, 1959)</i><br />Ruhnu 500 borehole, 417.50 m, Jaani Stage <i>Ancyrochitina paulaspina Nestor, 1994</i><br />Ruhnu 500 borehole, 417.50 m, Jaani Stage <i></i><br />Ruhnu 500 borehole, 417.50 m, Jaani Stage