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Sample No. M-11867

LocalityStaicele 4 borehole
Latitude (dec. deg.)57.833420
Longitude (dec. deg.)24.737060
Depth (m)246.40
Depth, to (m)246.50
StratigraphyJaagarahu Stage
Date (string)1986
CollectorNestor, V.
Sampling purposeacid-resistant microfossils
OwnerNestor, V.
Owner (institution)Department of Geology, TalTech
Record inserted2012-12-29 20:23:37
Record changed2017-01-06 19:31:47

Species identified

NameCoded occurrenceRemarks
Ancyrochitina sp.1
Conochitina postproboscifera nom. nud.1
Ancyrochitina gutnica1
Ancyrochitina paulaspina1
Ancyrochitina plurispinosa1
Cingulochitina baltica1
Cingulochitina cingulata1
Conochitina claviformis1
Conochitina leptosoma1
Conochitina pachycephala1
Conochitina tuba1
Linochitina odiosa1
Plectochitina pachyderma1

Specimens from the sample (1)

<i>Cingulochitina baltica Nestor, 1994</i><br />Staicele 4 borehole, 246.40 m, Jaagarahu Stage