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Nagli 106 borehole

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NameNagli 106 borehole
Loc. typeborehole (section)
Elevation (m)86.1
Latitude (dec. deg.)56.453975
Longitude (dec. deg.)26.017716
Coord. precision1-10 km
Coord. methodGoogle Maps / Earth
Coord. agentAntonovitš
Location remarksasub Jekabpilsist kagus ja Atašienest läänes
Vertical extent (m)1007.30
Remarks oli/on Skrunda kärnihoidlas, GI töötajad uurisid 1977, 1982
Record changed2019-06-12 16:58:35

References (2)

Nestor, V. 1991. On the distribution of aberrant forms of chitinozoans in the Silurian of Estonia and West Latvia. Proceedings of the Estonian Academy of Sciences. Geology 40 (3), 96-99. | PDF | DETAILS

Nestor, V. 1994. Early Silurian chitinozoans of Estonia and North Latvia. Estonian Academy Publishers, Tallinn. 1-163. | PDF | DETAILS

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