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Eikla 508 borehole

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NameEikla 508 borehole
Loc. typeborehole (section)
CountySaare County
Elevation (m)21.0
Latitude (dec. deg.)58.452110
Longitude (dec. deg.)22.556130
Coord. agentEGK
Location remarksEiklast 3,8 km Luulupe poole, mnt ääres
Vertical extent (m)487.00
Stratigraphy topRootsiküla Stage
Stratigraphy baseProterozoic
Maaamet ID1831
RemarksE. Kala 1:200000 kaardistamine, aruanne 1973; EGF 3260
Record changed2019-01-09 15:01:45

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