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Suigu borehole

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NameSuigu borehole
Loc. typeborehole (section)
CountyPärnu County
Latitude (dec. deg.)58.526969
Longitude (dec. deg.)24.702270
X (m, L-EST 97)6487642
Y (m, L-EST 97)540912
Coord. precision1-10 km
Coord. methodEst Land Board map server
Location remarksasukoht vajab täpsustamist
Vertical extent (m)40.00
Stratigraphy topJaagarahu Stage
Stratigraphy baseAdavere Stage
Record inserted2014-02-28 18:38:40
Record changed2015-06-16 10:24:39

References (1)

Männik, P., Põldvere, A., Nestor, V., Kallaste, T., Kiipli, T., Martma, T. 2014. The Llandovery–Wenlock boundary interval in west-central continental Estonia: an example from the Suigu (S-3) core section. Estonian Journal of Earth Sciences 63 (1), 1-17. | PDF | DOI | DETAILS

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