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Staicele 4 borehole

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NameStaicele 4 borehole
Loc. typeborehole (section)
Elevation (m)49.8
Latitude (dec. deg.)57.833420
Longitude (dec. deg.)24.737060
Coord. agentEGK
Vertical extent (m)715.00
Stratigraphy topDevonian
RemarksKaardistamispuurauk, Cm osas vilets südamik, Cm 49m (639 - 688m). Aruanne 1967. Teistel andmetel on pa kõrgus 40.75m
Record changed2018-05-09 14:34:43

References (1)

Nestor, H. & Nestor, V. 2002. Upper Llandovery to middle Wenlock (Silurian) lithostratigraphy and chitinozoan biostratigraphy in southwestern Estonia and northermost Latvia. Proceedings of the Estonian Academy of Sciences. Geology 51 (2), 67-87. | PDF | DETAILS

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